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Q3. Big Ideas Step 1

15. Design Thinking

Design Thinking Diagram with an arrow pointing to IDEATE


Let's look at Ralph's Problem AGAIN

Boy sitting at his desk and writing in his workbook looking uncomfortable

Image of a student for 5 Chair design: via

Problem Statement from Quest 2:

Ralph needs to be more comfortable sitting at school and to have a way to better store and organize his school supplies so that he can focus on learning.

Criteria Constraints
  • comfortable
  • organization spaces for supplies
  • must have room for a large backpack

How will he generate some solutions?

He needs some BIG IDEAS so he will brainstorm as many ideas as he can. He needs some brainstorming tips.

Brainstorming to solve a problem

In preparation to brainstorm a problem from Quest 2, it may be helpful to take some notes about the brainstorming process.

Think about this questionWhich of the brainstorm tips for generating ideas is being used in the video?

  • withhold criticism
  • encourage wild and out-of-the-box ideas
  • build upon or combine ideas that already exist
  • stay focused on solving your problem
  • have one conversation at a time
  • make a list of lots of ideas - the more the better
  • record all your ideas

Play the YouTube video, Observe Experts Brainstorming. (1:57)

Brainstorming Video

Once you've played the video, continue to the Step 2 page and be ready to do some brainstorming.