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REMC Courses - Frequently Asked Questions

First Time Participants 

Q: How do I register?
A: Registration for REMC Courses is done through our registration system (currently Wisdomwhere).  You can access it directly from the website or by going to https://www.solutionwhere.com/WW/remcam/.  You will need to create an account if this is the first professional development you are signing up for. 

Q: How do I get my Canvas Account to use for the REMC Course?
A: REMC utilizes 2 types of accounts - which is used is depended on your place of employment. 


SCECH Information

Q: When will I receive my SCECHs for the REMC Course I completed?
A: SCECHs are processed during the month after a REMC Course is offered; for example, if a course is offered in January the SCECHs will be processed in February. 

Q: I am renewing my Certificate in June.  Can I get my SCECHs processed early?
A: As our courses are open for 3 weeks, they are completed prior to the end of June.  Our SCECH Coordinator is aware many educators need to update their certificates, so will be processing them after courses are complete AND instructors have submitted attendance verification.  Educators who are tardy in filling out the end-of-course forms (which is what we are waiting for most months) will not get their SCECHs processed prior to the end of June.