September 2022

New classroom resource: Power Up Teaching and Learning

The REMC Association is excited to introduce a new educator resource: Power Up Teaching and Learning. Power Up Teaching and Learning is created to help professionals “power up” their common teaching practices using educational technology and includes guiding questions, learning activities, ideas and resources.

This new resource is designed for both providers of professional development (facilitators, school leaders and administrators) and those seeking professional development (new teachers or veterans interested in new skills and ideas). This resource provides ready-to-use materials to be used as is or taken and modified to fit a specific training or classroom need.

Power Up Teaching and Learning is divided into five topics: Curriculum and Content Development; Digital Leader; Effective Communication; Learning Environment and Meaningful Data. Each topic is divided into three modules with three subsections. This allows for maximum flexibility in choosing the amount of material to fit a particular training need as well as time allotment. Each topic provides the following resources:

  • Guidebook Document - for professional learning.
  • Presentation Slide Decks - one per module.
  • Professional Learning Activity Documents - one per module.
  • Overview Videos - one for a topical overview and one per module (total of four). 
  • Template Documents - for referencing other resources.
  • Toolkit Document - to support designing professional learning around each topic.

This resource will be added to the REMC website with all other resources at