During this independent learning unit, you have completed a number of activities.

1. Please check off that you have completed each of the activities.

2. Here is a document with the list of activities. 

3. Open the document and make a copy to share with your instructor. As you work through each of the sections, make sure to check off and complete the activities. Share your notes in this document also. 

4. Try the Natural Reader text to speech tool. 

5. Download Evernote or Google Keep on your mobile device or open the application on your computer. Write a note and email it to your instructor. If you are on a mobile device, take a picture and add an audio note. 

6. Choose a digital learning space. If you already have one, this is the time to add features to it that you have not been using. Share with your instructor which one you are using or will use and how you currently use it with your students or how you plan to use it. 

7. Which interactive tools did you explore? Which ones did you add to your digital learning space? If you used one or more with your students, how did they react to the change in learning?

8. After reading the section on flexible seating, how would you like to change your classroom?

  • Create a short plan/outline that you can share with the instructor your ideas for changing your classroom. 
    • Suggested ideas to include are:
      • Furniture desired
      • The layout of the room
      • Prices to share with administration
      • Plan for acquiring furniture and resources
      • Grants available

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