Storytelling to Enhance Teaching

Direct link to this (1:08) "Is 'Storytelling' Just Another Buzzword in Video Production?" video on YouTube.

Storytelling is a dynamic way to engage students in learning and make your content come alive. The use of storytelling can address multiple learning styles and content areas making it a perfect fit for online or face-to-face teaching environments. 

In this learning unit participants will explore strategies and best practices with storytelling, see how stories can set the stage for learning and enhance your content. Plan and practice your own story for a content area of your choice while learning to use free, engaging online resources such as Book Creator, Microsoft Sway and others.

Notebook with Power of Story Telling in script


Does storytelling impact more than academics and literacy?

A meta-analysis study (Mello, 2001) on the use of storytelling “demonstrated that the literacy of the participants was enhanced in the academic areas of fluency, vocabulary acquisition, writing, and recall. In this research they “found that storytelling served to improve self-awareness, visual imagery, and cultural knowledge.” Additionally, “storytelling can find ways to build community within a classroom and a school by encouraging reflection and identifying commonalities.”
Refer to the "Power of Story: Using Storytelling to Improve Literacy Learning," by Sara Miller and Lisa Pennycuff to explore questions such as:

  • Is there a difference when a story is told directly to students or read to them?
  • How can storytelling build communities?
  • In what ways does storytelling impact narrative writing for students?

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