What's Your Story? title

Your task is to:

  1. Create and share a short personal story (audio or video, 1-2 min) based on a personal or teaching experience that:
    a. is told with meaning
    b. has a lead-in or hook to capture audience attention and interest
    c. tells what happened
    d. ends with some conclusion or action
  2. Create a content-based story (2-4 min) that addresses some concept, or idea for your identified audience, that applies some of the elements and strategies of storytelling through the use of digital media resources and/or applications that applies to your teaching setting.

After completing this unit we ask for you to take a moment and reflect on:

  • How you might implement storytelling in your teaching?
  • Identify some steps you can take to put what you have learned into action.
  • How you could use storytelling activities with your students to help them improve their understanding, literacy, and learning?