February 2023

Building staff capacity starts with Technical Support Essential Skills

School districts are managing and supporting more classroom technology than ever! REMC has designed new resources to help tech leaders build capacity among the staff assigned to provide support and troubleshoot issues. Our specialized resources are designed for technicians, helpdesk, front line support and media specialists. 

Currently, we have resources on Basic Networking and Professional Communication.  Each topic provides an overview of key points and skills and includes links to supporting videos, handouts or websites. The materials are created to support individual self-study or used synchronously with a group led locally by a technology leader.

Topic Highlights:

  • Basic Networking: these resources focus on the basics every technician should know about networking. Items such as structured cabling, what is TCP/IP and why it’s important, switches vs routers, DNS and DHCP.  
  • Professional Communication: these resources focus on how communication is an integral part to being efficient and successful in tech roles. Information on customer service, becoming a better communicator and how to function on a team are all included. 

Helping technical support staff apply their learning on the job and be more successful in their role is a high priority. To this end, each topic includes a basic introduction, important terms, information and explanation, supplemental materials to further their learning and job-embedded task or self-assessment.

Visit remc.org and see how these new resources can help you build a better, higher functioning technology team.