Multimedia Tools to Engage Students

Driving Question:
How can I help my students express themselves creatively using digital tools and resources to demonstrate their knowledge?

Do your students love learning through digital media such as animations and video? Have you wanted to expand your own repertoire with multimedia tools and be able to model some? Are you looking for new ways to assess student learning with multimedia options that unleash creative communication and expression? Have you already been creatively integrating animation and/or video into your content area but not sure of proper legal and ethical practices or how to use creative commons licenses? If you answered yes to any of these, then check out the activities, tutorials, and resources in this unit.

In this independent learning unit you will learn about, and try-out, different animation and video tools and resources that can be integrated into your classroom curriculum to:

  • provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and learning through the use of multimedia for creative communication and expression
  • meet some of the Michigan’s Instructional Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS)
  • demonstrate your growth in meeting International Standards for Educators (ISTE-for educators)

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