Kids at computer

What you CAN learn in this Unit:

1. Know how to access and use a variety of free animation and video tools

2. Know how to choose an appropriate tool to communicate knowledge and learning to meet a specific purpose

3. Know how to create your own multimedia learning content for a classroom lesson (an animation and a short video)

4. Understand the process for designing content to deliver a message effectively

5. Understand how the creation and use of multimedia in classroom practice can help meet the diverse needs of students

6. Make connections with technology standards and best practice

7. Transfer the learning to professional practice by creating one or more multimedia artifacts that support learning

You may find it helpful to create a folder to save your work in for this course, and a document to save your web resource links , lessons ideas and reflections in.

Check the Assignment page 

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Note: This Independent Learning Unit is designed to take no longer than 10 hours.