What you are going to learn in this independent learning unit:

After completing this unit, the educator will:

  1. Know how to use Seesaw with students
  2. Know how to use all the tools available in Seesaw
  3. Be able to successfully use Seesaw with parents and students
  4. Be able to create and assign activities for students to complete in Seesaw
  5. Be able to communicate with family members to view their own child’s work
  6. Know how to use other applicastions with Seesaw
  7. Make connections with technology standards and best practice
  8. Transfer the learning to professional practice by applying these resources to have an effective learning platform using Seesaw

You will be documenting your learning as you go through each of the sections. Use this Google Doc Checklist as you go through the course. 

Please visit the Final Assignment page before you begin. 

Note: This independent learning unit should take no longer than 10 hours. 

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