Feedback and Evaluation


feedback Please provide suggestions for improvements, additions or changes for the next revision cycle. 

Your Feedback

We encourage you to share your feedback, suggestions, and evaluation of our 21things4students project. You are invited to provide feedback using the Feedback links at the the top of this page.

Please take the opportunity to provide suggestions or submit Gold Quests for any Thing and/or rubrics you feel could be helpful for others. 

The input from you and your students will help guide our improvements next year. Thank you and we hope these resources help you in your important teaching and learning job.

Student Feedback

  1. Feedback Survey: On each Thing Graduation Page a short survey link is provided for students that wish to provide constructive feedback. They are encouraged to send their ideas on how to improve the activities. Student feedback:
    • brought about the Student Checklists
    • identified the need to add more interactive or game activities
    • identifies annual revision targets
  2. Report a bad link is available throughout the site, and when a student finds a bad, or non-working link, or one that goes to an inappropriate site we missed, please have one of you report it. Thank you for helping!

Evaluations BY Mi Educational Leaders

  1. The Michigan Remc Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS) comprised of individuals from across the state regional centers are involved in contributing content and/or feedback on different aspects of the project annually.
  2. The ISTE Seal of Alignment has a certified individual conduct a review and write an evaluation of the resources and the alignment to the ISTE Standards for Students. This was carried out every two years, however was discontinued after 2021.
  3. Each year several Michigan educators, that use these resources in classrooms, are contracted to help with the annual revisions. We are extremely grateful for their insight and help.