Gold Quest-Ozobots Activity One

21. Computational Thinking

Activity One

Learn how the Ozobot works.


1. Ask your teacher for directions on how many people they would like in each group for working with each Ozobot.

2. Ask your teacher for the Basic Lesson One Handout

3. Watch the YouTube video: How To: Use Your Ozobot Bit – Part 1:


4. After going through and completing the Basic Training lesson, you will hand in pages for LESSON 1, NO. 2 and LESSON 1, NO. 4 to your teacher.

5. Next, you will learn how to write your name using Ozobot OzoCodes. During this activity, you will use what you learned in the Basic Training lesson to code Ozobot to spell out your first name.

  • Use large white paper if available.
  • Each letter on your first name should be in uppercase letters approximately two inches by two inches.
  • You will need to program Ozobot to make the appropriate turns to complete each letter.
  • Draw a sketch below before you begin the code.

6. Once you have figured out the turns and are ready to code you will incorporate these parameters:

  • The 1st letter of your name should include a: Snail Code and Spin
  • The 2nd letter of your name should include a: Slow code and Tornado
  • The 3rd letter of your name should include a: Cruise, Pause for 3 sec and ZigZag
  • The 4th letter of your name should include a: Fast and BackWalk
  • The 5th letter of your name should include a: Turbo, Pause for 3 sec and Tornado
  • The 6th letter of your name should include a: Nitro Boost and Spin

*If your first name includes more than 6 letters you may use any OzoCode that you prefer, but you must have a speed and a special move of your choosing.

7. When you have programmed Ozobot to successfully spell your name, turn the paper with the code into your teacher.

8. On the back of your paper answer the following:

  • What was difficult about writing your name in OzoCode?
  • How would you refine the code if you were to do it again to make it more efficient?

9. Make sure to save all notes to your File Space. 

After completing Steps 1-9 move on to Ozobots Activity Two