Gold Quest-Ozobots Activity Three

21. Computational Thinking


Activity Three

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)


1. In Activity One you read about Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s). You will conduct research and use your knowledge of OzoCode to complete this task.

2. You may wish to do a Google search or follow these links to learn more about AGV’s:

3. Use the Automated Guided Vehicles Team Planning Sheet to complete this Quest.

4. Your Quest is to determine where AGV’s might be most useful in society. Given the three scenarios below you will:

  • develop a layout given the parameters
  • use OzoCode to determine the most efficient routes, time the routes, and then determine, based on your experimentation, which environment is the most efficient for AGV’s.

5. Use the following three scenarios:

1. A restaurant has a square layout and many turns. Design your square layout with six booths, four tables, and a kitchen. Go from the kitchen to at least one table and one booth. You must make three turns and have no more than four straight-away’s of two inches each to deliver food from the kitchen to the furthest table. The Ozobot moves at a slow pace so as not to drop the food. 

2. Hospitals have long hallways and few turns. Design your rectangular layout with three hallways of three inches each. Each hallway has four patient rooms (turns) and a medical station at the beginning of the first hallway and at the end of the last hallway. Your Ozobot must pick up medicine at the first medical station, deliver it to each patient, stopping for three seconds and proceed to the next medical station.

3. Factories are large spaces with lots of obstacles. Your Ozobot must move straight down the 14-inch assembly line. Your Ozobot may cruise for the first two inches. After the first two inches, it must maintain a snail pace until the last two inches where it may cruise again due to safety regulations. 

6. After completing the activity share the completed AGV planning sheet with your teacher. 

7. Make sure to save all notes to your File Space. 

Check off this Quest on the 21t4s roadmap 

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