My Digital Life

Q2 Technology Applications & Tools for Teaching Others

3. My Digital Life

This page focuses on technology tools helpful especially for Extroverts where they can learn by creating their own review tutorials, make recordings to teach others, and/or by creating tutorials to share.

Recording Your Screen to Demonstrate or Teach Others

Loom Screen Recorder (a free screen recorder app) for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS and Android devices.  Record your screen, voice, webcam or both and edit your recording. You get a link to the video to share with others.
ScreenPal Recorder (a free and easy tool to create demonstrations or tutorials). You can capture any area of your screen for quick recordings with the option to add audio narration from your microphone and video from your webcam. Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook. You can save to a Google Drive, YouTube, or as an Mp4 file to your computer.
Screencastify (Aafree) Chrome extension that needs adult permission to be installed). You can record, edit, share videos, and create video assignments or tutorials in seconds.