My Digital Life

Q2 Technology Applications & Tools for Collaboration

3. My Digital Life

This page provides some helpful technology tools that can be used as a strategy for the following personality types: Extrovert, Feeling, Perceiving, and Thinking. 

Please check with your teacher before downloading or installing extensions.

Collaboration Tools

Sharing and Editing in Applications

Peer editing and sharing word processing documents

See Thing 4 Suite Tools for Google QG2 or Microsoft 365 QM2 for Sharing and Collaboration

Peer editing and sharing for creating presentations See Thing 11 Q1 Collaboration
Peer editing and sharing spreadsheets See Thing 13 Q5 Share
Collaborating Globally See Thing 20.Q1 Global Collaboration
Padlet is an interactive application that lets you create a multimedia bulletin board to collaborate and share things


Video Collaboration Tools

Google Meet video conferencing

Google Meet for Begnners YouTube (9:27 mins)

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Student Guide YouTube (5:37)