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Q5 Party Planner: Share

13. Dig the Data



You have completed your document and your teacher has asked you to share your completed Google Spreadsheet.

PDF Document Link to PDF Directions for Google Sheets

PDF DocumentLink to PDF Directions for Excel Desktop App and Online

I Can Statement

  • share my spreadsheet and charts with others

Key Vocabulary

Share: To share a spreadsheet is to offer access to someone else. 

Edit: To edit a spreadsheet is to make changes to it that can be seen by others. 

Comment: To comment on a spreadsheet is to be able to share ideas and thoughts with the owner of the spreadsheet.  

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Use the directions above to complete the following:

Step 1 - Open the Party Planner document.
Step 2 - Locate the Share settings.

Step 3 - Share the document with specific people using “editing” and “comment” settings.

Step 4 - Change Share settings to “anyone” for public use.

Step 5 - Check with your teacher about publishing to the Web.

Step 6 - Check with your teacher about how to submit or share the document.

Example of Share settings using Google.


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