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Q3 Party Planner: Formula

13. Dig the Data


This demo uses Google Sheets. This works the same as in Excel except where noted in the steps below.



You have now created and formatted your basic spreadsheet. One of the really useful functions of a spreadsheet is its ability to do calculations. It can do much more than a calculator can do if you know how to create a formula. All formulas start with an equal sign. Let's calculate how many people will be coming to your party! 
PDF Document (Link to PDF Directions)

Key Vocabulary

  • Sum: The sum is the function of adding numbers in a spreadsheet. (=sum)
  • Count: The count is the function of totaling  the number of cells in a selected range that contain a specific type of data. (=count)
  • Max: Max is the function of finding the largest or maximum number in a given list of values. (=max)
  • Min: Min is the function of finding the smallest or minimum number in a given list of values. (=min)
  • Average: Average is the function of finding the average value, or arithmetic mean, of values in a selected range of cells. (=average)

Vocabulary Matching Quiz!

I Can Statement

  • calculate numbers using a spreadsheet

STEPS for Using a Formula to Add a Column

Using the directions above, complete the following:

Step 1 - Create an addition formula to add up the total invitees
          start with the = symbol, followed by SUM and an open parens (then drag  
          down across the cells and a closed parens ) and hit enter.

          Your formula should look like =SUM(B3:B7) where the : indicates including
          all the cells between B3 and B7.
Step 2 - Create an addition formula to find total attending in the next column in a similar way.
Step 3 - Make sure that your formulas work
Step 4 - Google Sheets: Select the View menu and Show formulas. Then take a screenshot.
     Microsoft Excel: Put your mouse in one of the Totaled cells and view the formulas in the fx space directly above the sheet and take a screenshot of that.

Step 5 - Save your screen shot with one of the formulas showing
Step 6 - Google Sheets: Return to normal View. Excel needs no change.
Step 7 - Check with your teacher to see how they want you to submit or share this document.

Note: after you enter the formula, click on Return or Enter, and the total will appear instead of the formula.

Q3Sum formula


Additional Resources:

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