Gold Quest-Sphero Activity Three

21. Computational Thinking

Activity Three

1. In the Sphero app go to Activities

2. Click on All Activities

3. Scroll down until you find the activity Dance Party

4. Choose a song and get approval to use the song from your teacher. You will use a 1:30 second clip from the song.

5. When you have approval to use the song and something to play the song on, click start at the top of the Dance Party Activity. You will see tutorial directions to follow like when you made the square in Activity one.

6. Watch tutorial one as a team. Mark complete when finished.

7. Access the Activity Three Dance Party Team Planning Document and complete steps one and two. 

8. As a final step ask your teacher if he/she wants you to complete step five of Dance Party and upload your video.

9. Save all notes and video in your File Space. 


After completing all the steps in Activity Three move on Activity Four