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Q7 AI Ethics & Privacy

1. Basics

Ethics and PRIVACY around AI are important

Ethics: A challenge of programming an algorithm and creating the database for an AI machine is focused on ethics. What might seem to be good for one person or society might not be good for another. 

Privacy when using AI resources: This involves some federal laws and your age. COPPA is a law enacted in 2020 that protects the data of students under 13 even when using AI applications. What about the grades and records for students 13 and over? FERPA is a law passed in 1974 to protect student data privacy, and who can access the records. To know about FERPA you can access this FERPA Basics Introduction video (3:32).

Activity: Check with your teacher about the two activities on this page. You may be assigned to work with a partner or group to watch the video about Ethics and the activity below on the left, or another group to do the activity and watch the video about COPPA below on the right. In the sections below for Ethics and Privacy, there are worksheets to complete by you and your partner. 

Keep in mind, you may have heard about AI and ChatGPT. Students 13 and over are permitted to use it, otherwise those under 13 need parental permission.


Play the video: Ethics & AI - Privacy & the Future of Work. Direct link (3:26)

ETHICS ACTIVITY: What does ethics mean to you?

Judge for Ethics

What may seem ethical to you might not feel right to another classmate. Watch the video and then use the What does Ethics mean to you? worksheet by yourself or with a partner to complete the questions on ethics and norms. You will need to make a copy for yourself or your teacher will create the copy. 


This section applies to students under 13 years of age.

Cyber security eyes

In the United States, children's data is protected by a law called COPPA. The video explains this law that went into effect in 2020. Video Title: Features impacted by COPPA Direct Link (3:16)

1. You are going to work with a partner, small group, or full class and make a list on a large sheet of paper, on a display, or use a whiteboard-type app (Google Jamboard, ...) that can be shared.

2. Use this Privacy & Coppa Worksheet to make a list of the different apps and devices that you are using that are collecting information about you.

Privacy & COPPA (3:16)