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Q7 AI Prompt Writing

1. Basics

Writing Prompts for AI

  • In the AI Playground you wrote prompts to help the AI engines attempt to create what you were describing. There is an art to knowing how to write prompts and career opportunities right now.
  • There are on-line courses offered that teach this as a major field of study at universities and colleges.
  • Enjoy trying the example on this page to learn more about writing prompts.

Say What You See

Screenshot of image by Jack Wild from Google. Looks like a cloud man with Say what you see! title. Bright yellow background.







Image From the Google Arts & Culture Experiments

Learn the art of writing prompts with the help of an AI coach. An image will be shown and you will have a given number of words you can use to try describing it. The AI engine will generate the image you describe and provide a % rating on your success. You will also be given feedback to help you learn how to be more descriptive.

Say What you See: Launch this experiment. Good luck!

Here are some writing prompt tips for Ai art/image generators

Tips for writing the best prompts for art generators:

  1. Identify the main subject of the image or what is happening:
    • Dog, flower, car, house, etc.
  2. Is there a detail in the background?:
    • Close up, aerial view, tilted frame, blurry, etc.
  3. What Mood/Vibe (emotional feeling, atmosphere, time of day, texture) does it show?:
    • Peaceful, morning, happy, sad, bright, warm colors