21 Things - Basics

Q7 AI Playground

1. Basics

Beginner AI Playground

This is a beginner playground to try out some AI tools that can be used by students. Some may indicate that you need to be 13 or older or to have your guardian or parent permission. Please check with your teacher.

After you have tried one or more of them, think about and discuss with a partner, small group, or as a class:

  1. which one(s) I tried
  2. what happened
  3. two or more things that it could be useful for
  4. what information (or data) I think the AI was trained with

Quick, Draw! from Google

Quick Draw!: Play this online game. The computer gives you a Prompt, then tries to guess what you are drawing. You have under 20 seconds! Use the Let's Draw! button to get started. As you draw it gives you feedback so you can add to your drawing. It tells what it sees based on the database of drawings it has been trained with. You can keep drawing to add more features based on the machine feedback as long as you beat the timer. You do not have to be an artist!
Direct link "How to Use Quick Draw Google - Drawing With AI" (2:59)

How to Use Quick Draw Google - Drawing with AI (2:59)

Google AutoDraw

Start with the Tutorial to get an idea of the tools. Why? It shows the different features you can try: color picker, Type tool, Shape tool, color and Fill, selection, rotation, resize, share and download. 
This is an example of AI Machine Learning, where the computer is helping you create artwork quickly based on drawings by real artists that are stored in a database.
Video Title: AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone Direct Link (1:43)


Click on the magic draw tool in AutoDraw and start creating.

Some suggestions:

  • Make a coloring page for a younger student using shapes and images generated by the AI.

  • Create your own page of drawings.
  • Create a logo for your favorite sport or team with text
  • Create a picture and write a short story about it.

When it is completed you can share it (copy the link) or download it (as a .png file).

An additional Video Tutorial is available on YouTube: Draw, Sketch, Write. - Creating Student Projects with AutoDraw! (3:10)

AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone (1:43)


The website Fotor recently added the ability to upload an image without having to sign in or have an account and then apply AI art effects to it. Check with your teacher to see if this site is accessible on your school network.

1. Visit the Fotor Art Effects web page at https://goart.fotor.com. You do not have to select the Free Trial (x it out) and then upload your image.

2. Explore the Search Effects panel on the left side. Below is an example of applying a Cartoon effect with the BAAAHD Deal and the Original Photo.

3. When done, select the Download button, and choose "Download Preview" to have the image saved to your computer.