21 Things - Basics

Q7 AI Playground

1. Basics

Beginner AI Playground

This is a beginner playground to try out some AI tools that can be used by students. Some may indicate that you need to be 13 or older or to have your guardian or parent permission. Please check with your teacher.

After you have tried one or more of them, think about and discuss with a partner, small group, or as a class:

  1. which one(s) I tried
  2. what happened
  3. two or more things that it could be useful for
  4. what information (or data) I think the AI was trained with


Create AI Art with a free AI image generator. You will need to type a descriptive prompt of what you want it to draw, then be patient for it to draw. This may take a minute or more. NO login or account is required.

Prompt typed in: feathery hummingbird with a colorful flower

A few of the results

AI generated images (3) of a hummingbird by a flower with green background

Look for suggestions for modifying your prompt by clicking on the small pencil on any of the images generated. These images may be able to be downloaded.


Stable Diffusion

Another art generation site where you write a prompt

Prompt typed in: A log cabin in the woods surrounded by a lot of pine trees with smoke coming from the chimney and a path leading to the door with a porch

Some results

Prompt given to create a log cabin in the woods with smoke coming from the chimney, a path leading up to a porch.

The more precise and descriptive your prompt is, the closer it will look to what you describe. 

Quick, Draw! and AutoDraw from Google

Quick Draw!: Play this online game. The computer gives you a Prompt, then tries to guess what you are drawing. You have under 20 seconds! Use the Let's Draw! button to get started. As you draw it gives you feedback so you can add to your drawing. It tells what it sees based on the database of drawings it has been trained with. You can keep drawing to add more features based on the machine feedback as long as you beat the timer. You do not have to be an artist!
Video title:
21t4s QuickDraw! Demo, Direct Link (0:35)


Google AutoDraw

Start with the Tutorial to get an idea of the tools. Why? It shows the different features you can try: color picker, Type tool, Shape tool, color and Fill, selection, rotation, resize, share and download. 
This is an example of AI Machine Learning, where the computer is helping you create artwork quickly based on drawings by real artists that are stored in a database.
Video Title: AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone Direct Link (1:44)

Additional Video Tutorial on YouTube: Draw, Sketch, Write. - Creating Student Projects with AutoDraw! (3:10)