In this activity, you will be teaching a machine to recognize an image, audio sound, or a pose. Both the image and pose projects require the use of a web camera, and the audio project requires a connect mic.

1. Check with your teacher about accessing this Google Teachable Machine ActivityIcon from Google's teachable machine website for training a computer

 2. Visit the website teachable

3. Watch the three Introduction videos on the right-side of this page.

4. Start by locating 2-3 objects that you want to train the machine to recognize.
For example: 

  • Math class: Shapes 
  • Science class: Different leaf types, rocks 
  • English: Writing objects

3. Select the Get Started button.
You will have three choices: Image, Audio, or Pose Project. We recommend starting with the Image Project, and select the Standard image model.

Screenshot of 3 choices, Image, Audio, or Pose

4. Save the URL to your project with your teacher, and classmates. You might have fun sharing your project with your family members.

Teachable Machine Tutorial 1: Gather (2:15)

Teachable Machine Tutorial 2: Train (0:54)