21 Things - Basics

Q7 AI in Real Life

1. Basics

small blue pointer with the number 1Should we be concerned?

New technology always comes with challenges, and AI is no different.  Here are some of the concerns we need to consider when using AI tools: 

  • Privacy and data usage
  • Bias
  • Inaccurate information

Play the video on this page, review the Real life Examples on this page, and then have a Discussion and/or write a Reflection that you might add to your portfolio.

small blue #2 pointerVideo Title: How AI is Making the World a Better Place Direct link (1:35) YouTube

small blue pointer with 3 Some real life examples

Netflix uses machine learning to make recommendations for new movies you may like that are based on algorithms that look at what you have previously watched.

Amazon provides product recommendations based on past purchases you made. When you indicate it was a gift, then it does not include that in your recommendations.

Gmail uses Smart Reply that will suggest answers to questions based on how you replied on previous emails.

Uber and Lyft, both ride-sharing apps can determine the price of a ride based on the data base built from other riders, and can minimize the wait time.

Plagiarism checkers can flag items based on those you previously marked or deleted.

small pointer with the number 4 Discussion and Reflections

Now that AI is shaping nearly every aspect of our lives and is expected to transform fields from medicine to agriculture to policing. What do students need to understand about AI to be prepared for the world of work, and know how to be a smart consumer and responsible citizen?

Pick one of the following to discuss with a partner, the entire class, or to write about.

1. Share your experiences where an AI-based application made some suggestions or recommendations to you. Did it make a difference to your own actions or decisions?

2. What is something about AI that concerns you, and why?

On the next page of this Quest, you will be trying out some examples of AI.