Q3 Cartoon creation

17. Creative Communications

Advantages of Cartoons

  • Fun, engaging; good to use with humor
  • Works well with younger audiences but can be adapted with  more sophisticated dialogue
  • Gets a single idea across easily


  • Not ideal for concepts that require longer explanations
  • Limited to what fits in a speech balloon
  • Can be time consuming to create and position characters, etc.


1. Open or download this step-by-step set of directions: cartooncasting.pdf

2. Go to the web site called and get started! (An alternative site is from ReadWriteThink called Comic Creator).

3. Create a quick and fun example so you get familiar with how the program works.

4. Now create a comic to communicate your special message. 

If you would like an alternate try: Make Beliefs Comix

5. Save your cartoon and post to your File Space, to your portfolio, or web presence.