General Steps

1. Start this Quest by watching the Canva video all about infographics.

2. Create a Canva account (or use an alternate site below) to design an infographic that presents your message in a simple, creative, and visual way.

3. Your goal is to create an infographic using one of the application tools listed in the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Media Table (or an alternate you identify with your teacher).

4. Refer to your Plan & Create document and the supporting detail you are going to address. You may find writing a script, storyboard, or drawing a draft of you ideas to be helpful.  

5. Ask yourself if creating an infographic is the best media choice for your message, and reflect realistically about how much time you have to work on it, and to keep it to three minutes or less to keep the attention of your audience.

6. Play and explore the software tool until you are comfortable enough to begin creating and editing your video. Note: Save your work frequently as you work.

7. Show your idea and infographic to another classmate or your teacher to make sure it communicates your message clearly. You may decide that this tool is not the best choice for this project plan. You can look at the other media applications.

8. When done, download or copy the link provided to share it with your teacher.


  • Impact of ideas through numbers
  • Colorful and eye catching
  • Many designs available for communicating ideas in different ways (e.g. flowchart, poster, etc.)
  • Short and easy to understand
  • Can be included in a longer presentation


  • Not much room for explanatory text
  • Ideas must fit on a single page
  • Can be time consuming to create

How to Make an Infographic (9:39)