1.  Your goal is to create a video using one of the screen-casting application tools listed in the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Media Document (or an alternate you identify with your teacher).

2. Refer to your Project Plan and the supporting detail you are going to address. You may find writing a script, storyboard, or drawing a draft of you ideas to be helpful.  

3. Ask yourself if creating a video is the best media choice for your message, and reflect realistically about how much time you have to work on it, and to keep it to three minutes or less to keep the attention of your audience.

4. Play and explore the software tool until you are comfortable enough to begin creating and editing your video. Note: Save your work frequently as you work.

5. Show your idea and video to another classmate or your teacher to make sure it communicates your message clearly. You may decide that this tool is not the best choice for this project plan. You can look at the other media applications.

6. When done, download or copy the link provided to share it with your teacher.

Advantages of using a video to communicate your message

  • Stories can be long or short
  • Can combine voice, text, and screen
  • Communicates a wide variety of ideas; versatile


  • Requires careful planning, scripting, and practice to execute properly
  • Editing can consume a lot of time

Look over the Video resources suggested below and make your plan.

Tip: using a storyboard is a big time saver.


  • A video is like seeing a living picture that can communicate a message without the need for audio or music like the one at the top of this page.
  • Video is a very versatile medium where adding text, music, narration, transitions and effects can greatly enrich the experience for the audience. Be careful to not overdo the special effects or transitions. Keep the audience on your message.
  • Think about your message carefully and picture it in your mind.
  • Your challenge is to get your message across effectively in between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Videos require careful planning and scripting and the editing process can take a lot of time (at least 3 times longer than you plan for).
  • Creating a storyboard is a huge time saver.

Topic: Pollution

Main idea: Pollution on the beach
Supporting Details: People litter on the beach (straws, bottles, caps). Pollution is has been brought up by waves from the lake where pollution has happened.
Main message: Everyone can help prevent it by not littering and by helping clean it up.

Direct link to this video (0:22)o