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A screencast is a super sweet tool that helps you record anything on your computer screen (see video above). Your challenge is to create a video screencast documenting your message using a computing device, microphone and script.


  • Works great for doing web based tutorials
  • Works great for step-by-step explanations
  • Create homework help, problem/solution videos, visual presentations that mark up on the screen
  • Easy to create
  • Easy to embed or put on a webpage


  • Editing may be limited or nonexistent; get it right or start over
  • Works best for short explanations; longer ideas or concepts may need a different medium

1. Review the following Five Tips for a Good Screencast:

  • Know your topic well. You will sound like an expert in your delivery and feel more comfortable when recording.
  • Keep it simple. Three minutes or less is all that you need.  Cancel the fluff and blank space. You may want to use the Online Stopwatch as a resource.
  • Plan It. Script it with a short introduction telling what the video is about, follow that with the short and sweet demonstration, and do a quick review at the end.
  • Gift of your Voice. Talk like you are having a conversation with your best friend, with enthusiasm in your voice. Try to be as natural as possible.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Rehearsing several times. Stop wiggling your mouse! Your screencast records everything. Move it away if you are not pointing to a specific talking point. 

Note: Filler words like uh, um and but are distracting to your audience.

Screencasting Applications

Select and learn about a screencasting tool. Check with your teacher for the appropriate program or app to use for this activity that will work on your device. 

Resource Name



ScreenPal (formerly known as Screencast-O-Matic)


Mac or Windows


ScreenPal (formerly known as Screen-O-Matic) requires java and the use of a PC or Mac (not iPad or iPhone). This is a web-based or downloadable application.

Access these ScreenPal Tutorials. Make sure you have java on your computer and a microphone if you want to record your audio. It does work on the Chromebook as well as with a free extension..

Beginner's Guide to ScreenPal's Free Screen Recorder


Screencastify  Chrome Extension


Chrome browser, Mac or Windows

Screencastify requires an extension to be installed to a Chrome browser on your device. It works on Windows, Mac, and on a Chromebook.

The FREE account lets you record free you screen and webcam, trim your videos, annotate, save to Google drive, Full HD resolution, Publish to YouTube, Export as mp4, GIF, and MP3, and has no watermark. This is a download that works with your Chrome browser and integrates with Google Drive.


Explain Everything


Android, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone

Explain Everything is an online whiteboard application that works like a n enhanced Whiteboard, There are apps for all platforms. Voice chat and recording anything. Creates a streaming video.


  • Record, annotate, animate, narrate, import and export almost anything to and from anywhere.
  • Create slides, draw in colors, add shapes and text, rotate, move scale objects, add photos, import pdf docs, insert a web browser window and export mp4 movies. No account is required

Android,  iPad, iPhone

Loom is a video messaging tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos. A screen recorder for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android.




ShowMe App

or Educreations App




If you are using an iPad we recommend working with a partner, and you can record the screen of your partner's screen using your iPad, or use one of the following apps on an iPad

ShowMe (How to use Showme video tutorial on YouTube)

Educreations (Creating Lessons Tutorial, How to UseSample RMS Titanic lesson by a 6th grader)

iPad Screencasting Fun is a document created to train teachers about Screencasting with an iPad. This gives a lot of information about the different apps and also lots of activities.   screencastingfun.pdf


Steps for your first screencast

1. For this first attempt plan on approximately 10 minutes to complete a practice draft recording.

2. Go to a web site (school appropriate) about a favorite topic (sports, music, etc.) or use a topic already selected

3. Think about what you will explain and point to it with your mouse on the screen

4. Do a practice run without recording until you are comfortable and it flows well.

5. Use the screencasting application you selected. 

  • Point out things with your mouse

  • Tell your listeners why you really like the things you selected

  • Be enthusiastic

  • Record only for one minute or two

6. Play it back and see how it worked. You may want to try it again and make a few improvements. Turn to a partner for a helpful critique.

7. Download and or save it, or the link to the recording to share with your teacher.