• User can control the pacing of the content
  • Can use visuals and text, and (in some cases) audio and video can be embedded
  • Can be used as part of a live presentation to a group
  • Simple to create


  • Slides can be boring; too much text
  • Overuse of animations or zooming can weaken the impact of the message
  • Unless presented live, it can be difficult to convey complex ideas


1. Open the slideshow presentation platform you have decided to use. Check with your teacher if you are not sure.

2. Add a title and your name on the first slide.

3. Create your message using additional slides and media to support your message in as few slides as possible to communicate your message clearly and creatively. Some options:

  • add images or photos
  • add or recording audio or music
  • add an infographic
  • add a cartoon
  • add a video clip
  • add an animation

4. Ask a classmate to view it and provide constructive feedback

5. Make any revisions as needed

6. Save it and be prepared to share it as directed by your teacher.

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