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4. Suite Tools


In Quests One and Two you learned how to use formatting tools in a document, how to upload and download a file and save it as a .pdf document.

In this Quest you will learn how to insert a picture and make a hyperlink to a separate document. You will also practice the art of obeying copyright rules by citing a source (giving credit to the owner of the work).

Step-by-step directions for this Quest (Google Doc) (PDF)

Key Vocabulary

Citation: This is information needed to give credit to, or locate, work(s) published or created (a book, paper, article, web site, artwork, composition, music file) by others.

Hyperlink: An element in a digital document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document or website. It is typically activated by clicking on a highlighted or underlined word or image on the screen.

I Can Statements

  • add graphics to my documents
  • ​add hyperlinks to my documents

Part 1



  1. Open the document you formatted in Quest One titled CollaborationQ1
  2. Open http://www.pics4learning.com/ in a new browser tab
  3. View the video below to learn how to insert an image of leaves in your document and add a citation

The following video is being updated 9/2020

Direct link to video

Part 2


  1. Open the document you uploaded in Quest Two titled 4QM2RobertFrostBio.docx
  2. View the demonstration video to learn how to create a hyperlink to the document

The following video is being updated 9/2020


Direct link to video

2. Test your hyperlink. Does it work? If no, begin troubleshooting:

  • Is the text you tried to hyperlink underlined?
  • What does your cursor look like when you hover over the text?
  • Did you link your text to somewhere else?

Completing this Quest

Congratulations on learning to insert and format a picture, add a citation, and make a hyperlink to a separate document.

checkCheck off this Quest on your 21t4s roadmap

GoOnI am ready to go to Collaboration Quest 4, Sharing Tools

Websites and Applications

Competencies & Standards

MITECS   Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students, and

ISTE Standards for Students

1. Empowered Learner
d. Understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies, are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies

6. Creative Communicator
a. choose the appropriate platforms and tools for meeting the desired objectives of their creation or communication
b. create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into their new creations
d. publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for their intended audiences