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This page will share some presentations that have been used about our projects: 21things4students and MiTechKids. You are welcome to download and revise these to share at staff meetings, district meetings, or local conferences.

Please refer to the REMC FREE self-paced learning unit developed for teachers "21things4students: Ready, Get Set, Go"



May 2022

May 23.2022 21t4s and MiTechKids Presentation (Google slideshow),
or the PDF of this presentation.

August 2020

21things4students Resources for Teaching PDF

Introduction to 21things4students

Teacher contributed Lesson Plans

Social Studies: 
Constitution Day contributed by Julie Mapstone. On September 17 Students celebrate constitution day. We will take a week to prepare, learn, and make a creative artifact for Constitution Day.

Dream Career contributed by Hannah Falstrom. Students will research different careers they are interested in as well as identify their personality traits. Students can search the Internet for information, as well as organize and categorize that information. Students can tell if a website can be trusted when searching for information and determine accuracy and bias in the material.

K-5 Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety by Susan Prusik. Objectives: Students will be able to access websites from the class web page by clicking on links. Students will understand Digital Citizenship and Internet safety. Students can move from one website/application page to another by using buttons on the screen. Students can scroll up and down on a website to find more information. Students have a beginning understanding of source credibility when searching for information.