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This is where we post notes about any changes to links or content (due to a site or resource being no longer available or revision work) through the  school year.

REVISIONS/UPDATES completed for 2018-19

10/25/2018 Cyber Safety Quest 9: Webonauts has been replaced with "Actions Can Hurt or Help" due to the site Webonauts being discontinued. The Roadmap will be updated by November.

9/5/2018 21t4s site has been moved within the REMC.org domain

The 21things4kids K-5 site has been renamed: MiTechKids.org

Summer 2018 updates:

  • PDF Printable pages throughout the site are now present
  • Moodle Course has been updated. 
  • New animated videos - 16 new and/or replaced videos
  • New video introduction to Quizlet on the Begin Here Page.
  • New Thing 15 Design Thinking, Teacher Guides, Student checklists and videos are done.
  • Syllabus is updated.
  • Thing 2 Quest 4 Roller Coaster Quest was changed due to the Jason Project being removed. This is replaced with an alternative roller coaster design activity.
  • Renamed Quests in Thing 4, Collaboration, for QG1 etc. (from Q1) to indicate they are Google specific Quests.
  • Awesome Index posted to the main menu bar! Standards will continue to be added through out the year.
  • Added Mobile Safety and Security CommonCraft video with a lesson plan to Basics Quest 6 Safe and Secure.
  • We have begun integrating Digital Citizenship throughout the site with Reflections or Discussion guided questions, and links to additional resources.
  • NEW Digital Badges (zipped file)
  • Revised PPT Graduation Certificates available on the Teacher Resource Login section
  • 2018-19 Roadmap documents
  • Interactives, Dig the Data, and Creative Communications are updated

Coming Soon:

  • A Schoology version will be available by fall and is now being tested
  • New animated videos for Thing 15 Q2 on are in process
  • A short video about the new updates

2018-19 Planned Revisions:

  • Thing 21 Coding and Game Design will be done during the 2018-19 school year to launch Fall 2019
  • The Free Google Applied Digital Skills Curriculum for MS/HS and college is being integrated into the following Quests as advanced options:
    • Research & Develop a topic - to add to Search Strategies
    • Tech Ethics and Security to add to Digital Footprint
    • Plan an Event - to add to Dig the Data
    • Guide to an Area - to add to Dig the Data sorting and filtering
    • Technology’s role in current events -
    • Plan and Budget - to add to Dig the Data - conditional events
    • Create an Editing Tool with Programming - to add to Coding and/or Collaboration Tools
    • Technology at Work - to add to Creative Communications or Collaboration
    • Pick the Next Box Office Hit - to add to Dig the Data
    • Equal Access to Technology - to add to Creative Communications

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PD Offerings:
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ISTE awarded the 21things4students their Seal of Alignment for meeting all of the technology standards for students for 2017-19. Their conclusion states:

Reviewers CONCLUSION: that collectively, the 21things4students resource is an impressive resource that provides a comprehensive ladder of skills critical for students to be successful in the digital learning landscape. Students who complete the 21Things curriculum will be in an excellent position to further develop their skills and grow their effective use of technology as a tool for learning.