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Q1 Fire Rescue Introduction

2. Visual Learning


Your task for this Quest is to use a technology tool to create a graphic organizer and brainstorm solutions to help a family who has lost their home due to a fire. You will use some AI resources as part of the effort.

I Can Statements

  • create a graphic organizer
  • use a graphic organizer to brainstorm a project or presentation
  • use AI resources to assist with this project

Direct video link (1:11)


Graphic organizers are great for:

  • Learning and organizing things visually
  • Note taking by using pictures, memes, links, and formatting
  • Story boarding for stories, writing essays, creating videos or other project planning
  • Memorizing things for a test
  • Keeping track of lots of links to favorite resources
  • Reorganize and simplify complex things

‚Äč2.Q1 Student Checklist


Teacher Guide

2.Q1 Teacher Guide

MITECS  Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students, and

ISTE Standards for Students

3. Knowledge Constructor
c. Curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods

5. Computational Thinker
b. Collect data or identify relevant data sets

6. Creative Communicator
c. Create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into new creations