AI & 21Things

This page will become a set of resources about AI in 21t4s, PD resources for learning about AI, and some favorite educational applications and uses. This is a start in process 11/14/23

FAQ Section

  • Where is AI located in the different Things & Quests?
    • There is an Introduction to AI in Basics 1.Q7.
    • We are continually adding "AI" to the searchable Awesome Index for 21things4students category for Applications in the Index.
    • The Complete URL list will provide links to the specific Quest page where an AI application is linked to.
  • What are some potential problems with AI
    • Bias and discrimination
    • Data is not always up-to-date
    • Data privacy and security
    • Data is not always accurate - pulled from many different sources
    • Misinformation and manipulation

Professional Development Opportunities

Online Courses:

Organizations offering resources for teaching, lessons, blogs, podcasts and videos

  •  They have a great Google Slide deck you can copy and the videos are excellent. 
  • offers edWebinars where you can use the search to locate webinars about AI, and then watch a recording, listen to the Podcast, or read the article, or sign up to attend one online.
  • Podcasts about AI from

Some outstanding YouTube presentations:

Additional Resources:

AI and Its Impact on Teaching and Learning, Melissa White (11/2023)

Wakelet (Ilene Winokur) - AI in Education focused presentations

AI for Education - Free Educator Curriculum Lesson Resources

AI & Inclusion ISTE Expert Webinar Presentation

ISTE Hands-on Project Educator Guides for elementary, secondary, elective, CSE, AI Ethics

U.S. Office of Educational Technology Insights and Recommendations (May 2023) PDF "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning"

SOME Favorites

Dec 2023 list

  • SchoolAI Spaces - Fascinating sets of resources for educators, and you can create your own chatbots for different subject areas, assignments, and much more.

  • Favorites there are too amazing to list - this site has to be visited. 

  • has an amazing area called Spaces. 
  • Wordtune - paste in a sentence and improve it.
  • Autodraw - Start drawing a shape and it will give you suggestions and finish the drawing for you. 
  • Scribble Diffusion - Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI.
  • Open Art AI - Lots of different tools to enhance or create art.
  • Teachable Machine - Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, & poses.
  • AI Prompt Library - A variety of prompts to help you lesson plan and do administrative tasks with GenAI chatbots 
  • Craiyon - Create AI art
  • Playground AI - Create and edit images
  • Twee - Create quiz questions for any YouTube video
  • Diffit - Get level resources
  • Goblin Tools - is a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neuro-divergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult