21 Things - Basics

Q5 Safe & Secure Step 1

1. Basics

What on earth is an aup?

AUP stands for Acceptable Use Policy and is frequently part of a district's student handbook. It may be part of an Internet Use Agreement that your district will expect all students or parents/guardians to sign.

It is a contract that explains the rules for using digital technologies - such as cell phones, computers, and the Internet - in the school or educational environment. The AUP can set expectations and consequences for equipment and Internet use behaviors, such as cyber-bullying. This is one way educators try to help keep students safe in the digital world at school.

What does your AUP tell you?

  • Locate and read your school district's AUP.  
  • Summarize at least three key points that should be important for all students to remember.
  • Here are some AUP's Examples from other schools.


This is a judgment challenge. Check with your teacher and discuss the following situations with your class and/or group of friends:

  • Your best friend asks for your password to log into your social network site for just a minute so they can check something they heard about. What would you say?
  • Would you create (or have you already created ) a username that is or sounds inappropriate or one that tries to get attention from others?
  • Have you seen someone do something that seems stupid to you and you immediately send a text message to others about it.