21 Things - Basics

Q5 Safe & Secure Step 3

1. Basics


With over 2.7 billion people using the Internet, you will find that the username you want to use to create an account may already be taken. You will need to be creative and create a username that you will remember and be unique to you.

Work with your partner or small group, and each select one of the following resources, take notes and then share what you learned with your partners.

Note: You can check to see if your username is still available on certain sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Hulu, Bebo, and others, by using the website namechk.


Mobile cell phones are everywhere. They are just as important as safety and security with your digital computing device, in fact it is one of the more powerful options used today by many.

Open and Read the infographic on Cell Phone Safety (direct link here) and then discuss with a partner or in class.

  • What three points from this infographic stand out to you as most important?
  • Do your points align with your partners?  You should each discuss why you believe your three points are the most important.  

Screenshot of a Tips for Teens for Mobile cell phones.

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2FA is also referred to as two-step verification. It means that you need two factors to access your account online. It could be your password AND a special code. When you set up 2FA, it will make sure that the person logging into your account is really you.


It adds a second security level (two-factors) to complete your login process to make it more secure and protect you. Direct YouTube link.


Sometimes the two-factor authentication uses a set of images and asks you to click on only the ones that include a certain thing like traffic lights, street crossing, a particular animal, etc. The one shown below tells you to click on all the images that have traffic lights, and after selecting them it may show another collection of images before you are logged in securely.
Shows a grid of images as an example of two-factor authentication with selecting images containing a specific item.

This activity is for grades 6-12,Screenshot of the Nova Labs Cybersafety Lab and game link and information and takes approximately one and a half hours to complete. Check with your teacher about this activity located on the PBS website.

Play the Video Introduction (3:38) to learn about it.