21 Things - Basics

Q5 Safe & Secure Step 2

1. Basics

Work with a small group or partner (check with your teacher) to watch the three videos about passwords below. Each member should take notes about any tips or cautions to share with the group.

1. With your group, refer to your notes and discuss the following questions:
  Why should you keep your passwords to yourself?
  What should you do to have a safe and strong password?
2. Together create four passwords you think would be good examples and why. 
3. Share your examples with others in your class to see if your examples are good.
4. Collaboratively create a poster or list about the importance of good passwords and how to create them.
5. Brainstorm ideas for securely and conveniently managing passwords as a class.

When finished with Step 1 and Step 2 pages, ask your teacher if you or your group should use this rubric to score your work. RUBRIC 


Play this Broken Friendship YouTube Direct Link. (1:50). This is about a teen who gave her best friend's password to some friends and what happened afterward.



Play this: Safe and Secure video Direct link (2:38). This is a scene from an animated video about passwords. A sad student shares that she is getting emails from people she doesn't know. 



Video Title: How to Create a Strong Password Direct Link from GCFGlobal (3:30)


Additional Resources


We highly recommend that you research this by checking several different reviews on the web, talk with your teacher and/or computer teacher and parent or guardian before making a decision.

In summary do NOT use:

  • numbers in sequence such as 123456
  • something that includes your username or part of it
  • your birthday, name, pet's name, town, school
  • repeating letters such as aaaaa
  • using the word password

Do use:

  • one or more capital and lowercase letters, a number or two, and a character like an asterisk * or exclamation mark !
  • 6-9 letters or characters, the longer the better
  • change it frequently (each semester or more often) 
  • Two-factor authentication when possible (2FA)
  • a strong antivirus software